Dialog at the intersection of life and faith.

By Christopher Breen, MDiv.

Jesus was a troublemaker. This is not a new revelation, nor is it the last time you will probably read that about Him. 

However, it does not diminish the fact that Jesus was indeed a troublemaker. 

By Christopher Breen, MDiv.

Raise your hand if you’ve read an article that scapegoats millennials for the demise of Christian churches and/or denominations.

Okay, so I can’t actually see your hands — but I’m pretty sure a large percentage of you have their hands in the air.

By Christopher Breen, MDiv.

I have a running joke with two of my closest friends that goes a little something like this; they will share an opinion on some current event or cultural news, and I’ll retort back with my opposing view.

Often times (because these two are far more intelligent than I am) it quickly becomes clear that my view is inherently flawed, or rooted in some bias or privilege that I hadn’t even considered until that moment.