Weddings & Funerals


We are honored to serve you during the process of marriage and wedding planning. Your wedding is a time for celebration and a coming together of your friends, and family both birth and chosen. We endevor to provide you with guidance and preperation as you enter this next chapter in God's plan for you both.

A Note About the Universality of Love Some communities of faith have chosen to restrict the expression of love, and the celebration of marriage to only a select few (i.e., heterosexual partners). Journey (the Church for All) does not participate in prohibiting God's love and The Good News from anyone seeking to further love in the world. The Church for All is honored and happy to perform same-sex Christian marriages (John 3:16).

Requesting a Pastor

  • If you would like a pastor from Journey to officiate your wedding please submit a Wedding Application.
  • We do not schedule pastors to officiate weddings more than 1 year in advance. Please ensure that you have filed your wedding application at least 4 months before your wedding date.
  • All couples being married by a pastor must complete an approved premarital counseling sequence before marriage.

You can learn more about premarital counseling that we offer here.

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