Premarital Counseling

Expressing your love for one another in front of your family, chosen family and friends and God is a exciting and often times anxiety producing endevor. Premarital counseling is an important part of the wedding-puzzle and ensures that you and your partner are ready to enter into a lifelong commitment through the sacrament of marriage.

If you are seeking marriage ceremonies provided by Journey (the church for all) pastors you'll need to complete a premartial counseling sequence with us. For more information about the wedding process including premarital counseling please complete a Wedding Application.

Pastoral Counseling

The Bible has been used as a tool for guidance and direction for generations. It still has guidance and wisdom to offer us today. Biblical Counseling sessions are between a pastor and you and center around how the Christian tradition and the wisdom contained in the Bible or other ancent practices can address stressors or challenges in your life. Pastors study and specialize in the practice of offering counseling based on the values and practices of our shared tradition, called Pastoral Counseling.

To begin, or learn more about Pastoral Counseling and the opportunity to speak with a pastor about your journey, contact us.

Professional Counseling

At the intersection of faith, healing and mental health you can find professional counseling. The Church for All works with local licensed professional counselors, and clincial psychologists to connect you to care focused on helping each part of you reach the peace that The Lord wishes you to reach.

To begin, or learn more about professional counseling please, contact us.