Christopher Breen, M.Div., PhD(c)


Member Since 2014

Chris serves as a Pastor at Journey and is a practical theologian focused on modern missiology (study and investigation of the mandate, message, and mission of the Christian church), pastoral care, and convergent practical theology (study and practice of missiology with organizational development).

With a specialized focus on the intersection of pastoral care (spiritual integration of moral stress) and convergent practical theology, Chris is fascinated with how Christ works through all of us today and what the church of the future is becoming.

While respecting the importance of the collective Christian faith tradition, and allowing that history to inform the manifestation of modern-faith practices, Chris works to challenge the status quo within the church.

Chris focuses his study and practice in helping others identify and deepen their connection to the Creator through understanding how Christ is present in their everyday experiences. This undertaking guides and informs a pastoral response to those developing a relationship with Christ, repairing a previous relationship, or exploring the depths of a long and solid faith. In times of trauma and moral stress, Chris leverages this blend of convergent practical theology to build relationships between individuals and communities that are life-giving and healing.

Chris works full time for a technology enterprise, as well as serving Journey. He lives and works in Austin, Texas, and is fluent in American Sign Language.

Chris has also served the wider church by joining congregations throughout New England as ‘supply’, preaching on a wide variety of topics that are based in the lenses of practical theology.

Chris can be reached at